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Maren Morris Shares Bachelorette Party Pic and 'Dirty Dancing' Video

March 19, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling Maren Morris is getting married, and she's pretty excited about it. "The Middle" star has shared images from her bachelorette party, and it looks like a good time was had by all. Related: Watch Maren Morris and Miranda Lambert Sing TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ "Not sure what I did in a past life to deserve these people, but I’m thankful," Morris captioned a photo on Instagram of her bachelorette party crew, adding the hashtag #GettinMurd.

The singer also shared a funny video clip of her attempt to pull off the famous Dirty Dancing "Time of My Life" jump move with one of her friends.

While Morris pretty much fails at the jump, thankfully no one got hurt. "Just fulfilling every bachelorette stereotype over here," she cracked in the video caption. Get a glimpse of what her bachelorette party was like below.

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[instagram url= width=552]