U.S. Beats Canada On Ice… AGAIN! USA To Play For Curling Gold

February 23, 2018
You may not believe me now, but I can promise you what you will be doing tonight if you are sitting in a bar at 1:35 in the morning or just channel surfing on the couch. YOU WILL WATCH THE OLYMPICS CURLING FINAL. Because for the first time in the Olympic history, it will be our American men going for gold when they face Sweden Saturday afternoon in Pyeongchang, which will be last call on the east coast. So find a late night bar and support these guys who, no matter what, are already winners after John Shuster led the United States team to an incredible 5-3 semifinal upset over Canada. Yeah, it may have been overshadowed by a slightly larger upset by the U.S. over Canada that took place on ice a few hours earlier. And if the underdog story isn’t enough for you, how about the comeback story that is Schuster who—after winning bronze in 2006—was benched at the 2010 Vancouver Games mid-tournament because he was playing so poorly, ultimately finishing in ninth place. Looks like that rest did him well. So get your rest today, because come 1:30 AM EST, you know where you’re curling up. https://twitter.com/usacurl/status/966678996086800386
  • Turning Point: The teams were tied 2-2, and Canada had a distinct advantage known as the "hammer" or final rock. But team captain Kevin Koe threw the stone too lightly. It came up short of the target known as the "house" allowing the U.S. a two-point steal and putting them ahead 4-2.
Source: ESPN