Maren Morris Stays Outspoken Regardless Of Haters

March 1, 2018
It's rare that a country star publicly shares a political opinion, but Maren Morris isn't known to follow the mold. The "Rich" singer is one of the most outspoken stars around, and she isn't afraid of the backlash it might bring.
Maren Morris talks about being outspoken on social media. “Every time I say something a little more outspoken, it’s like, you lose 1,000 followers, but then, the ones that stick with you are really in it with you for good. People like to say, ‘You might wanna cool it, or you’ll end up like a Dixie Chick.’ And I’m like, ‘I just saw them in concert, and they are still as badass as they were back then, so there are worse ways to end up.’” Maren will spend her summer traveling the globe with Irish pop star Niall Horan, opening on his Flicker World Tour.