Kelsea Ballerini On Insecurity That Led To 'Homecoming Queen,' Plus Making Out With A Koala Bear

November 6, 2019

(WYCD) Before she took dibs on the stage for Stars & Strings, Kelsea Ballerini sat down at MusicTown Detroit and revealed that she once made out with a koala.

Wait, let’s clarify that.

“It was a face to face moment,” Ballerini explained during an interview before Stars &Strings. “I wouldn’t call it a make out. It was first base.”

Ah, good to know! In more serious news, Ballerini has been to Australia twice recently so she says she’s so exhausted no amount of cover up can make her look less tired.

She’s supporting her new song, “Homecoming Queen,” a song that Ballerini said she wrote while feeling rundown and insecure about herself.

She explained that she loves her life and is grateful, but she’s human. And sometimes she needs to let herself have a bad day.

“It’s really beautiful,” she said, adding, “It’s a human emotion to have those feelings.”

Ballerini added that she always was a songwriter, but wanted to be an artist. The song “Love Me” gave her that chance.

Ballerini released her debut album in 2015, and was nominated two years later for Best New Artist at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Her two albums have accounted for four No. 1 singles, including "Love Me Like You Mean It,"Dibs" and "Peter Pan."

And something new is coming.