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Ohio Dad Makes Daughter Walk Five Miles To School In The Cold For Bullying Classmate [VIDEO]

He shot video and posted it on Facebook

December 6, 2018

(WYCD) An Ohio father made his daughter trudge five miles to school in 36 degree weather -- and shot a Facebook video while she walked -- after he said she bullied a classmate on the bus.

Father Matt Cox of Swanton, Ohio, has drawn a social media firestorm with thousands debating if this was an apt lesson or terrible parenting.

The video has more than 15 mllion views.

In it, Cox says his 10-year-old daughter has been kicked off the bus twice this year and "bullying is unacceptable, especially in my household." 

He said when she was ejected from the bus, his daughter told him he would have to take her to school. He chose a different option, saying he wanted to teach her the difference between a right and a privilege. A a ride to school is a privilege, he said.

In a sampling of the divisive opionions, Amy Perry wrote on Facebook: "Love it more parents like you might have a better chance of charging the bulling very were (You Go Dad )."

Audrey Rigney countered, " 5 miles is way to far for a 10 year old to walk to school in °35 weather it's too cold she will get sick."

His daugher Kristen later told TV station WTVG that she learned her lesson.