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Kacey Musgraves Accepts Billboard's Women in Music Innovator Award

Kacey Musgraves received Billboard' s 2018 Innovator Award on Thursday (December 6). The country star accepted the honor during the outlet's annual Women In Music event in New York City. Musgraves delivered a powerful acceptance speech while expressing her thoughts on the word "innovator." In... Read More

SCREENSHOTS: Favorite Holiday Movie By State

The folks over at have put together a list of which Holiday movies are our favorite in each state. To do so they took a list of the “ 50 Best Christmas Movies of All Time ” from Thrillist and processed it through Google Trends to determine the most-searched Christmas film in each... Read More

Toby Keith Shares Powerful New Track, "Don't Let The Old Man In"

Toby Keith was inspired to write what is now the main song featured in The Mule after playing golf one afternoon with Clint Eastwood . The country star had one question for the legendary filmmaker and that was what keeps him going? This conversation led to Keith's powerful new track and Eastwood's... Read More

Kid Accidentally Brings Sex Doll to School Nativity

(99.5 WYCD) -- Last Thursday, a Scotland mom was embarrassed when she realized she had sent her 5-year-old son to a nativity with a sex doll. Helen Cox, 46, told the Independent she purchased the blow-up sheep on Amazon back in November without realizing what it actually was until her son Alfie was... Read More

Rat Found In Vending Machine At Florida High School

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Students at a Florida high school found an unwelcome surprise in a vending machine: a rat climbing the rows of packaged snacks and drinks. Video of the rat shot by an 11th-grader quickly spread on social media among students at Atlantic Community High school in Delray... Read More

'A Christmas Story' House Now Offers Overnight Stay

(99.5 WYCD) -- Roadtrip to Cleveland, anyone? You can relive the classic Christmas movie by staying in the actual house! You can sleep in Ralphie and Randy's beds. The Bumpus house is also available to rent. Plus, you can visit the museum, and load up with goodies from the gift shop. According to... Read More

Study Says Stop Drinking Coffee in the A.M.

What if I told you that there's a new study that says that you shouldn't drink coffee as soon as you wake up? Would you be in your feelings? Well, a study that says this is out now, but it also says that instead of grabbing a cup of joe as soon as you wake up you should wait until an hour after... Read More