3 Steps to Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk

February 14, 2020
3 Steps to Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk

So one third of Americans are living with heart disease. The good news is you can reduce your risk of heart disease with a few important lifestyle changes. 

1. – Reduce sugar

Consuming too much sugar is associated with heart disease and stroke. Be smart about snacking.

2. – Reduce salt

While fast or pre-prepared foods seem ideal for busy schedules, they have extra sodium which can cause high blood pressure. There’s a link between high blood pressure and heart disease. Over time, high blood pressure can damage the kidneys, brain and heart.

3. – Increase activity

Getting physical activity is important, and even small lifestyle changes will benefit your heart. Try to get 15-20 minutes of physical exercise a day. Get moving and get healthy.

You have any quick fun exercising tips or healthy snack recipes?