American Firefighters Greeted With Applause As They Arrive In Australia

January 10, 2020
Fire Truck Onsite in Australia

Luis Ascui / Getty Images


U.S. firefighters were greeted by a round of applause upon their arrival at Sydney International Airport in Australia. The warm welcome was captured and posted on Twitter by Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS).

"US fire fighters arrived at Sydney Int Airport this week, on their way to assist with fire fighting in Victoria," Fitzsimmons wrote. "Coming through, all gathered gave a spontaneous & lengthy round of applause, reflecting the gratitude & admiration we all have for their generosity."



The efforts of U.S. firefighters in Australia continues a tradition of aiding one another with wildfires. Australia sent firefighters to help with the California wildfires in August 2018. 2010 was the last time U.S. firefighters were sent to Australia.

These most recent wildfires in Australia have had devestating effects - displacing thousands and causing the death of an estimated 1 billion animals.