Howell Boy Goes Viral After Writing to U of M's Marching Band

January 10, 2020
University of Michigan Marching Band Stands in Formation

Christian Petersen / Getty Images


Henry Boyer is 9 years old, and his dream is to play in the University of Michigan marching band. After seeing them play on television several years ago, the little boy from Howell decided to write to the marching band, letting them know he'd like to join them someday.

On Tuesday, January 7th, Henry got a surprise package in the mail - from none other than the U of M Marching Band! The package included a poster, hat and shirt, so he can help represent his future school.

They also sent Henry a letter - and the response left the little boy crying tears of joy. His mother, Kimberly Boyer, captured the moment in a video that has since gone viral.

"They said they're going to accept me in a few years... into the marching band," little Henry told his mother in between happy sobs.

Henry was also offered the opportunity to come to a U of M Football game this year. If the band can arrange it, he might even get to march on the field - so keep your eyes peeled for him this fall!

The story - and pictures of Henry in all his new gear - can be seen on the U of M Marching Band's Facebook page.


Henry still has about a decade to go until he can apply to U of M, but he promises to practice his heart out in the meantime.