Jason Aldean Launches Podcast Along With New Album

December 4, 2019



Jason Aldean is the star of a brand-new podcast that's tied to his recently released album "9."

The three-episode podcast is titled "Jason Aldean 9: The Podcast," and features actor Kevin Connolly telling the story of Aldean's award-winning career and the stories behind this new album's songs. All three episodes of Jason Aldean 9: The Podcast is available now via art19.

In the final episode, he talks about the band's creative process during the album. "We've made enough albums over the years that I feel like when we're done with an album, we can listen to it, and I know," Aldean explains. "I know, 'This record's pretty good.' Or I listen to it and go, 'Now that's a bad-ass record.'"