"The Bachelor" Finale Part One Recap

March 10, 2020
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AlxeyPnferov / Getty Images


ABC’s “The Bachelor” kicked off its two-part finale last night, with Victoria F dumped and Hannah Ann and Madison left vying for Peter Weber’s heart. We were repeatedly promised “one of the more controversial and shocking endings” to a “Bachelor” season, and boy are we getting it so far.

Last night, things picked back up in Australia. Peter sat down with his family, and told them about Madison’s “intimacy” ultimatum. The parents were concerned about such a ”big issue,” but his brother was chill about it.

Then it was time to meet Hannah Ann. She was so nervous she was in tears, but in a sweet way, which Peter’s parents noticed. Overall, they were concerned – for both Hannah and Peter. He still hasn’t confessed his love to Hannah, and both parents want Peter to be absolutely sure of who he chooses to be with. 

Peter was feeling the heat – things went downhill the minute he reunited with Madison. Despite being ready to accept a proposal, Madison was still upset about Fantasy Suite week, and Peter couldn’t decide on his feelings... which frustrated her as much as Hannah.

But then Peter said just the right thing. When Madison was ready to walk away, he reminded her of the time she knocked out her tooth during a basketball game and kept playing. Madison smiled and confessed her love for him. It was all good!

Then, Peter and Madison were in the hot seat together with his family. Peter’s parents were still skeptical about Madison. She made a good impression at first, but Peter’s brother wasn’t convinced it was “realistic” that Peter would abstain from sex until his and Madison’s wedding. Peter was insistent, but his brother kept prodding.

It turns out, everyone was wondering why Peter would “compromise” if he has Hannah Ann. The mood changed when Madison’s “ultimatum” came back up again, and she concluded that she and Peter are just on “different pages” before leaving the party. With Madison gone, Peter’s mom burst into tears over Hannah Ann. “You have a gem waiting for you who is madly, head-over-heels in love with you,” she said (in the now famous clip from the episode's promo). “And God put her there for you. Don’t let her go… bring her home to us.”

After that total moment, Peter and Madison met up for their final date - a helicopter tour of a sacred rock in the outback… a beautiful location to end things. They just couldn't "give each other what we need,” she told Peter. And then he watched her get in a white SUV and drive off.

The next day, Peter was still reeling. But however heartbroken over Madison he was, he was “still in love” with Hannah Ann – which he probably should have told her already! They went to a kangaroo sanctuary for their date, which was adorable. Hannah confessed her love again… but she felt the vibe was off, especially when he showed up to their final night together in a t-shirt and hoodie.

Eventually, she admitted that she was worried about him not using the “L” word yet, he admits that he still can’t get over Madison – his heart is being “pulled in two different directions.” They hugged it out, with Hannah determined to see things through… and that was the cliffhanger.

Chris Harrison was serious when he said it’d be a wild finale. With Peter on the fence about pretty much everything, what could happen next?

Part two of the finale airs tonight at 8pm on ABC.