"The Bachelor" Week 2 Recap

January 14, 2020

Last night was round two of the season 24 of “The Bachelor.” As you’ll recall, last week ended on a cliffhanger...

Backstage during the second group date, Peter and Hannah worked out their unresolved feelings for each other. Hannah didn’t shut down the idea of another try at Peter’s heart… but she didn’t say “yes” either. After some almost-kisses and jokes about running away together, Peter had enough and headed back to his group of ladies.

While the women were all ready to dish on their best sex stories for the group date challenge, Peter called the whole thing off, saying he wasn’t in the “right headspace” to enjoy the moment. That didn’t go well with the ladies, who felt like they couldn’t shake Hannah B.

Later that night, Peter got an earful over cocktails. While he wanted to move past what happened, everyone felt like he was still totally hung up on Hannah B. Peter insisted she was “in the past” – meaning, she’s probably not rejoining the house… or are we headed for a plot twist?

With the Hannah B discussion over (for now), Sydney opened up about her experience with “racial profiling” growing up in Alabama… and then made out with Peter. Next, he got some face time with Mykenna… and they made out. But it was Sydney who scored the rose!

Then, Kelsey and Mykenna got into it over a bottle of champagne. Kelsey had planned to pop the cork with Peter on the first night, but didn’t get to. She tried again this week, only to be challenged by Mykenna. Kelsey didn’t even get a date this week, so she was miffed.

In the end, it was Hannah Ann who cozied up to Peter and popped the champagne. After a quick cry, Kelsey stormed outside to tell Hannah Ann off, but Peter managed to make it up to her with a new bottle of champagne, complete with a romantic toast.

Then it was time for the first rose ceremony. We said goodbye to Lauren, Courtney and Payton.

Then it was time for the next group date. Original “Queer Eye” star Carson Kressley and supermodel Janice Dickinson were on hand for a complete fashion show starring the remaining ladies, who were competing for “over 40 shopping bags” full of Revolve clothing and accessories. The girls hit the runway in all kinds of outfits – lots of shorts with bra tops, wedding dresses, questionable pairings, and silky pajamas. Victoria got the crowd going wild by completing her walk by giving Peter a kiss on the lips in front of everyoe. She faced off against Hannah Ann in the final “walk-off,” but lost.

Victoria later spent the post-challenge cocktail party crying into Peter's lap that she felt like she wasn’t good enough for the competition. Like a true gentleman, he brought her away from the crowd for some privacy and comforted her. She ended up getting the date rose.

Then, Peter shared another bottle of champagne with Kelsey… while Hannah Ann was mouthing off about her on the couch.

That was the final straw for Peter, who sat the two down to get to the bottom of their beef. After a bunch of “she said, she said,” the night ended with Kelsey running off to cry in the bathroom.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC, but if you can't wait, check out the Week 3 Sneak Peek: