Arizona Trooper Gives Emotional Radio Call To Mark End Of 37 Year Career

Thank you for your service, Officer Gilberg!

April 4, 2018

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(99.5 WYCD) -- A video of an emotional goodbye from an Arizona trooper has been making its rounds online.

3TV/CBS5 reported Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Mark Gilberg finished his shift Thursday with call to dispatch on Wednesday, recalling his career when it began on March 11, 1981.

His emotional sign-off was captured on video that was posted on YouTube by his daughter, Rachel Gilberg.  

Here is Gilberg last week, as he wipes away the tears:

Gilberg: “Badge 2988 began his career March 11, 1981. This will be my final 10-7."

Dispatcher:  “10-4, and you’re making me cry, too. Did everyone copy that?”

Gilberg: “I just wanted to thank everybody for everything that they’ve ever done. It’s been an honor and a privilege, and a great career; it’s been a great adventure. Thank everybody that's ever helped me. As I said, it's been an honor and a great privilege to serve this great department and work with all of you fine people...  Thirty-seven years and three weeks later,  it’s been a great ride. Thank you very much and keep smiling.”

Dispatcher: "Thank you for your service, too. We appreciate everything that you have done and congratulations.. good luck in your future endeavors."

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman, Bart Graves, said Gilberg is the longest-serving Arizona DPS trooper and is a “work horse” with “incredible work ethic,” 3TV/CBS5 reported.

Gilberg worked 25 of his 37-year career in northwest Arizona’s DPS district one, according to 3TV/CBS5