Chase Rice Plans Number One - Or 'Number Whatever' - Party For Latest Hit

February 15, 2019

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Chase Rice is making his way up the charts with "Eyes On You," a song he co-wrote for his latest album, Lambs & Lions. The song is a fan favorite, and a real contender for a Number One hit, as far as Chase is concerned. Regardless of where it ultimately lands on the charts, Chase tells us exclusively that he's planning a big celebration for the song. "A number whatever party. That's what I'm calling it. Whatever happens with 'Eyes On You' . . . It's at 15 or 16 right now and hopefully it goes all the way to Number One. To me, it deserves it. The song is a big song. The team deserves it. Me and my band and crew deserve it. We deserve a Number One song and we're not really gonna settle for anything less, and if the radio gods don't come through and give us a Number One song I don't care. We're gonna celebrate like it's Number One anyway cause it is. It's a Number One song. At the end of the day, it is, so we're gonna have a big party at the house and hopefully we can put a Number One by that. If we can't, we're still gonna have a party."