Chris Janson Hopes “Drunk Girl” Is A “Beacon Of Hope”

September 27, 2018


Chris Janson is up for CMA Song of the Year for his track “Drunk Girl,” and he reveals that the song was actually inspired by a conversation one of his co-songwriters, Tom Douglas, had while teaching inmates in prison how to write songs.

Douglas had mentioned something about taking a drunk girl home, and Janson says, “The sheriff told him, ‘If the majority of guys in this prison would’ve taken those words you just said to heart, and lived their lives like that, they wouldn’t be in here serving time.'”

The song seems to be particularly relevant considering the current #MeToo movement, and while it’s purely a coincidence, Chris hopes the song has inspired folks to do the right thing.

“Honestly, you could never have planned on the events in the world happening during the time frame that ‘Drunk Girl’ has been on the charts and on the rise,” he says, “but I hope and pray that my song is a positive influence on people who may not have that positive influence in their lives." He adds, “We pray that it’s a beacon of hope in a dark world.”