Watch A Buck Follow A Customer Into This Novi Best Buy Store [VIDEO]

October 12, 2018

Customers and employees of the Novi Best Buy store were surprised by a wild patron Wednesday when a large deer walked through their front doors. 

The buck followed a customer into the store located on 8 Mile and Haggerty before the automatic doors could close. 

General Manager Andoni Wasaya was very proud of how the employees reacted. "Safety is our biggest concern."

The deer walked past customer service and the Geek Squad desk where the store is carpeted. Once it got on the tile floor near appliances the deer fell and employees started building barriers to direct the deer to the back exit and the nearby woods.

Deer in Best Buy
Novi Best Buy (used with permission)

"We were right by appliances so we used boxes of vacuums and fridges any big items we could find," said Wasaya about the employees plan to corral the animal away from customers and toward the door.

According to Wasaya the deer appeared uninjured and eventually exited the rear of the store. No customer injuries were reported. 

An employee told Wasaya he counted the points on the buck's antlers and determined it was a 6-point. 

Wasaya joked, "one of Santa's reindeer got loose and must have known where the deals were."