Jason Aldean Embraces Healthier Lifestyle, Drops Weight

November 7, 2019



Jason Aldean is keeping carbs and sugar at bay to live a healthier lifestyle. The superstar is noticeably thinner from just a few months ago, and he tells us it's all due to a major overhaul of his diet. "Earlier this year, I went and met with a nutritionist, and being on the road you just fall into this groove of just kind of eating like crap all the time and just eating at the wrong time of day, you know, when you come off stage at night. The biggest thing was I didn't eat enough and I was eating way later than I should've, and so, man, I just kind of started eating better, honestly. (I) worked out a little bit and started eating better and I'm kind of back more to where my normal size would be now and it came from nothing other than just eating better."

Jason says he sticks to lots of protein and vegetables throughout the day, including several protein bars.

His next studio album, 9, will include 16 new songs when it arrives at retailers on November 22nd.