McDonald's Is Bringing Back Retro Toys For Their Happy Meal's 40th Anniversary

November 4, 2019

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McDonald's famous Happy Meals are turning 40! To celebrate the anniversary of these kids meals, McDonald's is bringing back some of it's most popular retro toys. 15 different toys will be available for a limited time, and yes, Furby is one of them. Many of the original McDonald's toys were the Mcdonald's characters themselves. Check out the lineup for these throwback toys here:

Cowboy McNugget

Fireman McNugget

Mail Carrier McNugget 

Hamburger Changeable 


Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable

McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird 


Power Rangers

Space Jam Bugs Bunny 

Patti the Platypus 

101 Dalmatians


My Little Pony


Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey 

Hello Kitty