Wendy’s Hilariously Roasts Everyone On Twitter For National Roast Day

January 10, 2019

ID 83599932 © Georgesheldon | Dreamstime.com

The official Twitter account for Wendy’s celebrated the entirely made up National Roast Day recently and surprisingly, people and social media managers for brands across the country lined up to be sniped at and savagely dismissed. In case you don’t know, Wendy’s is known for their snarky Twitter takedowns on any given day, so they were totally up for dedicating a whole day to it. Some of the burns were just so good, these are some of our favorites.

Peanut tweeted “Alright Wendy’s. Roast this nut.” And they replied, “Congratulations on being the worst part of trail mix.”

A Twitter user egged Wendy’s on with “You can't roast this handsome face <3,” with his smiling photo and they coldly tweeted back, “I'll let you know when we see one.”

Hooters asked “Whatcha got?” and Wendy’s burned them with “Uniforms our employees can wear in the winter.”

Ore-Ida Potatoes wanted Wendy’s to “Hit us with your best tot!” and they were happy to, replying, “The freezer burn you collect when everyone forgets about you isn't enough?”

Butterfinger tweeted “Come at us,” and Wendy’s did, responding, “Sorry for always trading you for something better on Halloween.”