Dad Invents App That Makes Your Kids Text You Back

January 9, 2019

(99.5 WYCD) -- Hey, Mom and Dad.

Tired of your kids not answering your texts?

No problem because one parent has your back with a great idea.

This dad created an app that locks your child's phone until they reply to you. So, kids, you have no choice. How hard is it to text back any way? Your parents just want to make sure are still alive.

When you use the ReplyASAP app, if the phone receives a text from another user, the phone will lock down until that text is answered and if your phone is set to silent it will ring an alarm. Sorry kids. With this app there is no escaping your helicopter parents.

If your phone is on silent, the app will set off an alarm to get the user's attention.

Parents, would you use this?