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The First All-Nude Restaurant Fails

January 9, 2019

(99.5 WYCD) -- Sad news for fans of dining in the buff - the first-ever all-nude restaurant in Paris is closing down after just over a year.

The restaurant, called 'O'Naturel' opened in November of 2017, offering diners a chance to strip down in a 'clothes check room' and enjoy dinner in their birthday suits.

Unfortunately, nude dining didn't turn out to be a hit with customers, and the owners say the restaurant will shut down in February.

The menu consisted of French classics – but ironically, the meals were served by a fully-clothed wait staff. 

In a statement on the closure posted to its website, O’Naturel’s owners said: “We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments.”