Dad's Snapchat Prank Prompts Massive Police Response When He Tries To Pawn His Baby

May 10, 2019

By Nathan Vicar

(99.5 WYCD) -- A Florida father sought by police after a pawn shop owner notified authorities of a man trying to sell a baby now says he did it as a social media prank.

WFLA-TV reports the Sarasota man entered a pawn shop on Tuesday evening, placed his 7-month-old baby on the counter and asked the shop owner if he could pawn the child.

“This is what I got,” he says in the Snapchat video, according to WFLA. “I know no one under 18 in here but he’s barely used, seven and a half months old, what do you think he’s worth?”

The man later identified as Brian Slocum, 43, reportedly devised the stunt in hopes of hitting new heights of hilarity on his Snapchat account.

"I was thinking I’d go in there and the guy would be like, ‘Oh, if it was my son, I’d give you ten grand,’ or something,” Slocum said.

In the Snapchat videos that he provided to WFLA, he can be heard telling the clerk that he only wanted the boy to be held as collateral: “Just pawn, I don’t want to get rid of him.”

"It was the weirdest, strangest situation we’ve ever encountered,” said store owner  Richard Jordan. “He put it on the counter, he was pretty serious about it. He spun the baby around, and said, ‘Can I pawn this?’”

The shop owner called police after the man left. A few hours later, Slocum realized he was all over the news and called authorities to explain. 

“They didn't find it funny or hilarious at all and there was a lot of resources and time and money that went into [the investigation>,” the apologetic single dad said. “There's nothing in the world I would trade for my son, he's my world. Nor any money is worth him.”

Sarasota Police updated the public Wednesday (May 8) in a statement confirming the baby had been found safe. The department also thanked store owner Jordan for initially raising the alarm.