Photo: Kellogg

Cheez-Its New Box Is Half Crackers, Half Wine

July 26, 2019

July 25th was National Wine and Cheese Day and Cheez-It has the perfect way to celebrate. The cheesy crackers now come in a dual-sided box with wine on one side. The combo comes from the clever folks at Kellogg and House Wine and one half of the big box is Original Cheez-Its and the other half is a red wine blend, made with 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot.

We know you’re wondering how much wine you get with this deal and they didn’t skimp - the box holds the equivalent of four bottles or 20 glasses, so there’s enough to share, if you’re so inclined.

The boxes are $25 each and available on Original House Wine’s website. And if you want to snag one for your next wine and cheese night, don’t wait because it’s a while-supplies-last situation and they probably won’t last long.

Source: People