Countrified Criminal Headlines

Countrified Criminal Headlines

September 11, 2018

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  • Zoo Owner Arrested For Animal Rights Activist Murder Plot: The owner of a tiger zoo in Oklahoma has been arrested after allegedly plotting the murder of an animal rights activist. John Maldonado, AKA “Joe Exotic,” who owns Wynnewood Zoo, was reportedly feuding with the activist Carole Baskin for a while before prosecutors say he paid a hitman $3,000 to track her down in Florida and kill her last year. It’s not looking good for Maldonado, who has been filmed in videos posted to social media directly threatening Baskin. He’s now facing 20 years in prison an a hefty fine if convicted of two counts of hiring a person to commit murder.


  • Little Girl Presents Hidden Drugs To Police During Routine Stop:Two adults are in a lot of trouble after their drug stash was outed to police by a three-year-old girl. State troopers in New Scotland, New York were doing a routine stop, when the little girl presented a bag of marijuana that was hidden under the seat in front of her. Not only that, she also presented police with a zippered bag full of pipes and other paraphernalia. Now the two adults have been arrested on misdemeanor drug charges, along with endangering the welfare of a child.


  • Cryogenics Facility Sued After Only Preserving Dead Father’s Head: A united states cryogenics facility is being sued by the son of one of their clients. Kurt Pilgeram claims he was sent a package from The Alcor Life Extension Foundation that contained his father’s cremated remains – except his head, which was reportedly still chilling in a cooler somewhere. Pilgeram says it was important to his father to have his entire body preserved, rather than just the head. The facility had reportedly agreed to preserve all of his remains, “no matter how damaged,” meaning they had no right to cremate him. According to the suit, he’s claiming $1 million in damages.