Customer Banned From Favorite Restaurant For Complaining

After what she claimed were a couple of well-deserved complaints, a restaurant patron is sent a letter asking her to never come back to the restaurant.

April 10, 2018

Photo: Dreamstime


A woman in Wales has been asked not to return to her favorite restaurant because they claim she complains too much about the food and service. Kelly Smith and her son love to eat at the Beefeater steakhouse location in Coldra, where she says the food is usually excellent. And she was shocked to get a letter asking her to stop coming in because of multiple complaints.

"We believe as the Coldra, Beefeater is so clearly unable to meet your requirements in terms of the food quality and the level of service provided, that it would be appropriate if you would kindly refrain from visiting the restaurant in future," the letter reads.

Smith says she spoke to staff when the steaks weren’t cooked correctly and once when she waited over an hour for a meal, but she says staff was great and handled everything each time, offering her a refund or another meal. So she was shocked that they had a problem with her.

A spokesperson for the restaurant chain says during six of the last seven visits Smith made to Beefeater she complained to receive a free meal. And they says that it’s “become evident that we are unable to meet Miss Smith’s particular requirements.”

Source: Fox News