Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Jennifer Nettles Says She Always Loved Acting

March 11, 2019

Jennifer Nettles just released her new song, “I Can Do Hard Things,” but we all know that besides being a great singer and songwriter, she’s a terrific actress. And that’s not exactly by accident.

“I grew up doing theater,” Jennifer explains. “And I did it all through school and all through college and it has been something and a place and a home to which I had wanted to return for quite a while.” In other words, when she lit up Broadway in “Chicago,” none of us should’ve been shocked – and made it look easy.

Of course, something else Jennifer makes look easy is tearing up the stage. And while we won’t likely see her on her own or as part of Sugarland until the summer, you should pay attention to JenniferNettles.com or SugarlandMusic.com for the last word on additional shows.

Source: Sugarland