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Sugarland Mixes New & Old Tunes On Tour

Duo says it’s “thrilling” to play new songs on tour, but they know what fans want to hear

May 14, 2018

Sugarland launched their “Still the Same Tour” earlier this month, and fans can expect to hear the hits they’ve always loved, as well as songs from the duo’s upcoming album “Bigger,” which drops June 8th . 

Jennifer Nettles says “part of the joy” of touring is getting to “revisit” songs they haven’t played for several years, but she adds that getting to perform new songs is really “thrilling.” And Kristian Bush adds that it’s “awesome” to get to play new songs on the road, noting “they’re coming alive and that’s fun.”

And fans don’t have to worry about the duo reworking any of their classic tunes to make them unrecognizable because they can relate to what their fans want to hear. Kristian shares, “it’s important to me if I go see my favorite band that they not futz with my favorite song.”


Source: Sugarland