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Google Reveals Popular Searches for Valentine's Day By State!

February 12, 2019

What kind of things are people searching for Valentine's Day? Google knows!

Satellite Internet gathered the top Valentine's Google searches in the 50 states. You might be surprised by what they found.

In Texas, people are looking for "Dirty Valentine's Poems." Yikes!

In Idaho, people looked up "Bumble," and Wyoming folks are also searching for love as they googled "Tinder."

In 17 states, most people were googling about food on Valentine's Day. Some were looking for fancy recipes for lobster, fondu and filet mignon. Others were looking for a decent restaurant for a romantic dinner. 

It also seems that most people know a Valentine’s dinner works better when you make it special. Michigan went a little unconventional but still on point with “heart-shaped pizza.” But North Carolina apparently looked up “Golden Corral prices.”

Illinois and Louisiana are apparently going to their friendly neighborhood Hooters locations this year. I mean… sure. Just, y’know, be nice to your servers. They're at work, after all, and waiting tables is not easy. Especially on holidays.

To check out the full map, head here