IKEA Test Kitchen Exploring Bug Burgers And Algae Buns

March 21, 2018

By Nathan Vicar

(99.5 WYCD) -- Next time you're hungry and shopping at IKEA, how bout trying a bug burger on an algae bun? 

IKEA's test kitchen, Space10, is working on burgers made with bugs, hydroponic salads, and more. IKEA's test kitchen truly believes that these food options will be tasty options and the go to food of the future. 

Space10 revealed five dishes they reimagined using insects, algae, and lab grown meat to cure your hunger like the "dogless hotdog,"bug burger," "neatball" and more. 

IKEA isn't moving away from furniture, but the company does have plans to have standalone restaurants.

Some of the very same items have been successful in their home base of Sweden.