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Man Uses Live Alligator For His Baby’s Gender Reveal Party: Watch

What could possibly go wrong?

March 28, 2018

(99.5 WYCD) -- A Louisiana couple decided to announce the sex of their unborn baby in a pretty jaw-dropping way.

According to Huffington Post, grandmother-to-be Melody Kliebert posted a video to Facebook on Sunday featuring her son, Mike Kliebert -- an alligator wrangler and trainer.

The video shows Mike Kliebert holding an alligator's mouth shut on the lawn, surrounded by friends and family gathered for a gender reveal party.

“First thing that came to my mind when my girlfriend and I decided to have a gender reveal party were alligators,” Kliebert told HuffPost. “They’re a big part of our family, so why not incorporate them into our reveal?” 

At one point in the video, Kliebert places a watermelon into the gator’s mouth. The reptile their jaw shut and a blue liquid comes gushing out of their mouth, indicating that Kliebert’s baby is going to be a boy.

“We have a few gators who like to eat fruit, so I figured fruit was great —let’s get a watermelon, drill a hole in it, add some Jell-O to it, and throw it in the gator’s mouth? Let her bust it open, no big deal, you know?” Kliebert explained.

Kliebert told HuffPost the gator in the video is named Sally and is their "movie gator." Sally reportedly has appeared in commercials and the TV show "American Horror Story," and she recently filmed a scene for the upcoming movie "Louisiana Caviar."

“Sally’s not just a gator, she’s not just a pet, she’s part of our family,” he said.

The viral video has more than 5 million views on Facebook.