Miracle? Family Bible from 1823 Survives After Fire Destroys Home

Everything Was Destroyed in Casco Township, MI Home - Except Their Bible

January 30, 2019

A miracle occurred in Casco Township, MI yesterday when a fire burned down a family's entire home leaving only their family heirloom from 1823, The Holy Bible. Virgina, her two daughters and mother came home to find their home on fire yesterday. Virgina tried going inside the home to save their two dogs and was unable to rescue them due to the intense heat and smoke. Their house and their belongings were completely lost however, their family bible which has been passed down from generation to generation was spared. While their family is devastated to lose their dogs that they considered family  they are holding onto their Christian faith and sharing of the miraculous survival of their Bible in the midst of a fire that has devastated them.

 Virgina is a single mom and teacher for the East China School district and was living with her mother to to help her since her mother’s health had declined over the past year. Her 13 year old daughter has set up a go fund me found here.