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WATCH: Little Girl Answers To 'Alexa' Instead Of Her Name Because Of Amazon Echo

June 13, 2019

(98.7 The Breeze) -- Now, here's a truly first world problem.

A mother behind the camera is heard giggling as she tells her seven-month-old daughter in the clip her name is not 'Alexa,' the name of their voice-activated Amazon Echo device, which they've clearly been using a lot in the last seven months.

Attempting to get the tiny tot to respond to her actual name — Caroline — the mom continues to call out to her as she looks at her Big Bird book.

But the baby only looks up when her mom calls out the name Alexa.

The short clip appeared on Good Morning America and has been watched over 40,000 times already.

However, the internet is split in what they make if it.

Plenty of viewers thought it was sweet and funny, with some even suggesting it might be easier to change the youngster's name than convince her she's called "Caroline."

While others have re-tweeted the clip, with captions that aren't quite as glowing.

"This is so sad. What has happened to people?" one person asked.