99 Year Old WWII Vet Gets College Degree!

We Salute You Sir!

May 23, 2019

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By: Rob Stone

With Memorial Day coming up, we have to take a moment to think about our men and women in uniform. Both active duty, veterans and those we have lost. We also found an amazing story about a WWII Vet who is still alive at the age of 99 and just accomplished something amazing!!

In 1942, Lou Pioli left college early to fight in World War II.  Now, at the age of 99, Pioli has finally earned his college degree. On Monday, Pioli was given an honorary degree from Niagra University, where he was studying dentistry before being drafted. It was Pioli's daughter who wrote the university, telling them her father "personifies the values" of the school. Do you know any WWII veterans that are still around today? 

How will you celebrate and honor our military on Memorial Day?

- @RobStoneRadio