Almont's Country Smoke House Suffers Devastating Fire

How can you help?

October 4, 2019
Fire Truck

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By Rob Stone: 

Growing up in Almont, MI the Country Smoke House on Van Dyke was a staple! My dad took his deer there and we were always buying our meat there. I just had a conversation with Steve Jr., the owners son and he told me it's been a devastating week. His family just buried their grandfather yesterday and his dad, Steve Sr. also just recently suffered a heart attack and almost didn't make it. 

After all this, they are waking up this morning to a devastating fire that has totaled their business. I asked Steve, how we can help? How can we rally the WYCD family to assist? We know so many people rely on them, especially during deer season. In such an overwhelming time, with the fire department and insurance companies still assessing damage, Steve just asked for people's thoughts and prayers. 

People in the community are already coming together to bring food to those on site and to help the family in this difficult time. The Francis family has never been one to ask for anything, so if you or someone you know wants to help, the best way to do that is to be supportive and stay connected and available to serve if an opportunity arrises in the future to lend a helping hand. 

Contact the Country Smoke House HERE!

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