April Fools Pranks Gone Wrong!

Share your epic fail stories

April 1, 2019
April Fools

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By: The Rob + Holly Show

Happy April Fools Day! A good prank can be really funny, but an epic fail can be hysterical. Give us a call (313-298-1999) or comment on our WYCD facebook page and tell us how your prank failed! 

I don't personally like to prank people anymore because of something terrible that happened when I was in tenth grade. I was invited up north to go on a dirt bike riding trip with a friend and my mom was against me going since she didn't want me to get hurt. Well, I ended up going and fell a few times, but never got hurt. When we got back home to my buddies house, I called my mom to let her know we were home. I also thought it would be funny to joke around and tell her I broke my arm. Although I told her I was just kidding on the same phone call, instant karma was about to set in. 

We decided to go on one more ride on my friends track out back before he brought me home and during that time, I broke my arm. How insane is that!? I then had to call my mom back and tell her I really broke my arm this time. Of course I was then the boy who cried wolf and she didn't believe it until I got home and we had to go to the hospital. This is why I never try to pull any pranks anymore. 

What is your best or worst prank story?

- Rob Stone