St.John's Hospital Worker Just Diagnosed With Cancer Loses Dog

April 14, 2020
woman and dog

Kelli Ketzler works at St.John Hospital in Detroit as a radiation therapist.  She's been recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time and now her beloved dog has gone missing. 

April 7th Kelli was admitted into the hospital for an inpatient/overnight chemotherapy treatment.  Her dog sitter let her dog out that same night around ten o'clock at night and he ran off.  Kelli returned home to an empty house and she misses her dog so much! 

He's a white ShihTzu with a slight underbite and fluffy, curly tail.  He was not wearing his collar but he is mircochipped!  He answers to the name of Charlie. 

Charlie was last seen on the 1300 block of Maryland Street in Grosse Pointe Park.   If anyone has seen Charlie or knows of his whereabouts, please contact the owner, Kelli Ketzler at 313-820-3330 or via email