Who is the best person to win the lottery? This man.

April 3, 2019

ID 45449815 © Padchas | Dreamstime.com

Usually, when someone wins the lottery, a pang of jealously radiates throughout each of us. However, this is possibly the first lottery win that you can celebrate and be happy!  

Richard Beare, a retired auto mechanic from Charlotte, N.C. stopped at a Quik Trip after his wife told him to buy a Powerball ticket.  He didn't win Powerball, but he also bought four scratch-off tickets, one of which was a $250,000 winner.

Now Beare is planning to spend his winnings on a trip to Italy, where his wife has "always wanted to go". 

What makes Richard Beare different than most lottery winners? He was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer.  Beaure says "I want to travel while I can still enjoy myself".