Maren Morris Shuts Down Trolls

What did Maren say this time?

January 29, 2019

Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

If you follow Maren Morris on Twitter than you may have already seen the exchange between her and a few internet trolls on her recent retweet.  She reposted a tweet which celebrated that women were dominating the pop charts with her personal message that read, "Someday I will read the same things about the country radio chart. Could 2019 be different?" 

Internet trolls jumped to critize Maren by saying, "Maybe some day you can acknowledge the fact that you are pop and be on that chart instead of wanting to be on the country charts"

Maren shot back quickly by saying "I'm more than a genre just like country is more than a banjo" 

Nicely done Maren! Her latest song "GIRL," is the first single off Morris' forthcoming sophomore album.