This zoo will name a cockroach after your ex, then feed it to a meerkat on Valentine's Day

January 21, 2020

If you've ever thought your ex was a cockroach, well now is your opportunity to name one after him or her! The Bronx Zoo has been letting people name their roaches for almost ten years and says the donations have helped further their mission to save wildlife. In addition to naming a cockroach, at the Bronx Zoo you can upgrade and get a cockroach candle and cockroach socks.

The El Paso Zoo also will let you name a cockroach after your ex and then will feed it to a meerkat live on camera.  You can message the zoo on Facebook with your ex's name, then wait patiently for February 14 to watch the roach get devoured during the "Quit Bugging Me" meerkat event, which will live-stream on Facebook and the zoo's website.

All your Valentine Day dreams come true with the zoo!