Taylor Swift Proves Why She's One Of The Best At Detroit Show

August 30, 2018

By Holly Hutton

(99.5 WYCD) - We are still talking about the Taylor Swift show from Tuesday night here at our house.

I’ve been to a ton of concerts in my life. Michael Jackson, Prince, Garth Brooks, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Reba, Pearl Jam, Madonna, JayZ, Rush, Aretha Franklin just to name a few (if you can’t tell I really like music and all different kinds!)

Tuesday night's Taylor Swift show was by far the best I’ve ever seen. I dare to say that it was so good; I have considered it a life-changing concert.  That’s right – LIFE CHANGING.  Maybe a better term would be life influencing but life-changing seems so much more dramatic.

Here’s why:

Our night started with my husband and I getting the opportunity to meet Taylor Swift before the show. As she shook my husband's hand she said, “You’re a police officer. You have such a hard job.  Thank you for your service.” In the most sincere manner.  What!!??  Mind blown.

Look, I have no idea how she knew my husband was a police officer.  Maybe she had a little audio device in her ear and someone googling stuff in another room?  She might have a photographic memory and someone gave her a fact sheet about everyone somehow.  Maybe she’s just psychic.  I have no idea and it really doesn’t matter because she took the time to learn something about the person she was meeting. 

She cared enough to remember to bring it up and to say thank you to him. 

This is incredibly rare for anyone to do this much less a celebrity. I’ve thought about that moment over and over in the past 24 hours and how important it is to make those sort of efforts.

Then there’s her mother – we got to meet her too. 

Holly Hutton/WYCD

She is a sweet woman who talks with a slight twang. During the concert, she walks around the stadium and gifts fans with after party passes to hang with her daughter.  I watched a fairly flamboyant guy cry after being gifted one of these passes. 

For me, I had so much fun watching him lose his marbles, hugging his friends, waving his hands in the air because he was going to meet his idol. Joy – Pure Joy. And I was so happy that he was so happy! Happiness is infectious. I repeat Happiness is infectious. I’ve always known this but it was wonderful to get a reminder.

At this point, you’re probably like – what about the music!? What about the actual show?!? Well, the show is impeccable. 

You know the music is the best (have you listened to the radio?). But, all of the above is part of it. It’s not just a show or a concert.  This is an experience. And each and every person that walked into that arena got to have a Taylor Swift experience of some sort.

There were massive screens so that everyone could see perfectly.  And a massive stage that extended throughout the entire arena so that each area of the space got a close view of some of the performance.  With dancers, chorography , costume changes, the band, the props, the lighting and sound – this is a production of massive proportions (yes, I’m using that word often – if you were there, you’d know this is an accurate description). 

Holly Hutton/WYCD

And so massive that even the audience of 40,000 is a part of it with multi-colored wristbands which blink and change color to the music (and makes patterns in the crowd which is insane because how does it know where you are). 

All of this is part of the genius that is Taylor Swift. She knows it’s so many things that make for a great show – the music is just the starting point that everything else is built on. 

Holly Hutton/WYCD

So, as I left the show Tuesday night, I realized that Taylor Swift had figured out the secret to success (and I mean it not just in a fame/money way but more as a life-in-general way).  And (part of) the secret is to be thankful, be thoughtful, make others happy, and pay attention to the details. 

I don’t care how cheesy it may sound (and perhaps you normally hear this from someone who is 12 years old) but, I’m inspired by Taylor Swift.  She is easily the best role model we can all have.  And l leave you with this story from Dave Grohl about Taylor for another example of what I’m talking about in regards to her.