Why Snow Days Are Becoming More Frequent

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January 28, 2019
Snow Day

By: The Rob + Holly Show

We went from almost no snow in November and December, to having several snow days already in January. We are all fully aware that the sub zero temperatures coming this week are extremely dangerous and are good reason to cancel school, but our question is; is it getting easier and easier to get a snow day these days? 

Today's storm didn't really even start until around 11am and almost 500 schools were already canceled by 10pm last night. We are all for safety for our kids, but we're going to make ourselves sound like your grandpa when he talked about walking to school up hill, both ways in the snow. 

Growing up going to Almont schools, I remember watching the news the night before a winter storm and the storms that only dropped 3-6 inches, did not constitute a snow day. Maybe we're just getting to the age where we start to exaggerate our past, but our memory tells us we didn't get a snow day until there was about 8 inches or more on the ground. 

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