Let's Celebrate Michael Ray's New Song "Fan Girl"

It's an ode to the fans that support his music!

May 3, 2018

By: Roxanne Steele

One of the reasons why I became a radio personality is because I'm a passionate music fan.  I'm a "fan girl" and being a DJ was a way for me to play my favorite songs, support my favorite singers and bands, and have the opportunity to interview and meet them!! I also love connecting to other music fans and being a bridge for them to meet their favorite stars!!!   I adore Michael Ray as a person and an artist.  His story, his music, his passion for country music is easy to wrap your heart around.  And that voice......HELLO!   I can't wait for his new album Amos to come out.  He recently released the video for his song "Fan Girl" and I instantly connected to it!

“When it came time to pick the next song for fans to hear, I listened to the fans,” Ray explains. “For months we have been playing these songs on the road and we start most every show with ‘Fan Girl,’ so it was time to put this song in their hands. The lyrics, ‘You give me that front row feeling/Screaming with my hands up/Walk in the room and everybody stands up,’ create such a powerful visual. That — equated to how you feel about a girl — is a perspective I had not heard before, yet I know exactly what that feeling is.”