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Maren Morris Defends Country Music After Media Outlet Slams ACMs Route 91 Tribute

They felt the ACMs "dropped the ball" on payng tribute to Route 91

April 17, 2018

The ACMs opened up the show Sunday night acknowledging the deadliest mass shooting of Route 91 which happened just 6 months ago in Las Vegas.   I was moved by it and thought it was perfect.  One media outlet felt differently.  Rolling Stone Country felt that the ACMs didn't do enough to honor the victims, survivors and first responders.

"The answer was "briefly," by way of two short, scripted segments: an opening monologue by nominees, and a highlight reel of the ACM and country-music industry's charity work in the wake of the shooting. Otherwise, there was a noticeable absence of a single direct tribute to any of the hundreds of victims, casualties, family members or first responders still suffering from last year's attack, resulting in a broadcast that felt more reluctant than resilient."

After Maren Morris saw their tweet she responded.

Morris added.

How did you feel about how the ACMs addressed Route 91?!