Pit Bull Puppy Saves Baby From Fire “I owe her everything"

Thanks to Sasha's heroism no one was injured

June 12, 2018

Sasha, an 8-month-old pit bull, is a true hero!!  Not only did she alert her family about a fire, she rescued their 7-month-old daughter herself.

Sasha's owner says the dog alerted the family by "banging and crying at my backyard door" as their home began to catch fire.  She says Sasha then ran to the bedroom and began dragging the baby to safety by its diaper.

Unfortunately, Sasha couldn't stop the fire from destroying their home.  But her owners says Sasha is the reason she and the baby are safe and hopes the story changes the "negative perception" of pit bulls.

God bless Sasha for being a brave and smart dog in that terrifying moment.  What do you think your dog would do in a fire?  What's your opinion on pit bulls?