Bizarre Video Of Creature Resembling Dobby The Elf Of 'Harry Potter' Caught On Home Camera

June 11, 2019

(99.5 WYCD) -- Dobby, is that you?

Strange security camera video is making the rounds online because it appears to show a creature resembling the house elf from the "Harry Potter" series dancing in a driveway. 

The short clip has gone viral after being posted to Twitter on Friday by a user who says it was put up on the Facebook page of a woman named Vivian Gomez. A security camera at the home captured the clip, which shows a small figure with skinny legs and large ears walk down a driveway and do a dance.

In what appears to be the original post, Gomez said she woke up on Sunday to see the bizarre footage.

"First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing....has anyone else seen this on their cameras??" she asked.

The video has over 9 million views thus far and counting. 

While many people think it’s a child playing a game, others have come up with wilder theories.

"Dobby is free," one poster wrote, while others indulged in the usual claims of aliens, ghostsand demons. 

"They are among us," wrote one poster. "It’s clearly an alien from another planet." But perhaps the most logical explanation comes from a commenter on Gomez's original Facebook post who said, "It is probably some kid wearing flip flops with shorts on his head." 

Whatever it is, it sure has some memorable moves!