Photo: Trevor Hughes-USA TODAY

As Volcano Threat Level Rises Rescue Crews Save Trapped Dogs

May 16, 2018

The U.S. Geological Survey is declaring a Red aviation warning for the skies above the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. An alert from the USGS highlights the ash eruption that started yesterday morning. It says ashfall and so-called “vog” has been reported about 18 miles downwind in Pahala. The top of the ash cloud is reported to be as high as 12-thousand feet above sea level.

As part of the alert? That volcanic activity could become more explosive at any time. And by the way, volcanic ash is a serious flight hazard. Not only does it block vision, but it can tear through airplane engines and lead to jams and flameouts.

Folks who live near the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii have had to leave home to escape the danger, but when Carol Hosley was packing up two weeks ago, her two dogs became frightened and ran away.

Hosley had adopted Little Dude and Brus from the Aloha Ilio animal rescue, so they joined her in searching for the pets. After 10 days of searching, the rescue team finally found the dogs trapped between a fence line and a surge of cooled lava. Luckily, they weren’t hurt by the lava, but they had been bitten by red ants and were severely shaken by the experience.

Photo: Aloha Ilio Dog Rescue

Rescue crew members had to army crawl to get to the dogs and while they were saving them, they weren’t out of danger themselves because another volcanic fissure was opening up close by, but no one was hurt. “I’m just thrilled to death, I just couldn’t be happier,” Hosley says. “The other stuff is stuff, but I got the dogs.”