Deaf Woman Meets Rascal Flatts After Emotional Cochlear Implant Turn On Day

September 27, 2019

By George Fox

Becky Shaw has been deaf from birth. The clear voices of country music were a draw for her the first time she listened to Alabama. Follow along as she gets her Cochlear implant turned on before a big day. She has plans to go to a concert and meet musicians with a connection to the deaf community.

Her “turn on” day wasn’t what she expected. She was hoping for a dramatic change and to be able to hear voices, but the “constant wave of sound” she described took the wind out of her sails. Her doctor reassured her that it would take time for her brain to learn to hear electronically.

Becky said she thought she let everyone down and felt reluctant to go to the concert and meet and greet she had planned. She had a VIP experience set up to meet one of her favorite bands, Rascal Flatts, at DTE Energy Music Theater before their concert.

WYCD’s Steve Grunwald, who was putting together this story, reassured her that he understood and to enjoy the concert and experience anyway. She felt relaxed by those words and went to the concert without her implant by recommendation from her doctor.

Rascal Flatts’ lead vocalist Gary LeVox’s niece was born deaf and she had a positive experience with the high-tech implant. LeVox reassured Shaw with the success story. Becky is hopeful.

She plans to stick to the instruction of her doctor and looks forward to improvement in her hearing. Her grandchildren’s voices and birds in the morning are high on her list of things she’s excited to hear.