Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CRS

Zac Brown And His Wife Of 12 Years Are Separating

October 5, 2018

(99.5 WYCD) - Zac Brown and his wife Shelly have split up after 12 years of marriage.

The 40-year-old Zac Brown Band singer and his 34-year-old wife have five kids together, ranging in age from four to 11.

In a joint statement to People they admit it was a difficult decision.

“We feel blessed to be on such an incredible journey in life and sometimes the journey begins to lead in different directions. It is with deep love and respect that we announce we are separating as a couple."

“We have led a whirlwind life together growing into a beautiful family with five amazing children and while life will be rearranging a bit, our love and commitment to our family will always be there. This was a difficult decision, but we’ve done plenty of tough things together and this is our next venture — love, mutual respect, and care for each other are what we are moving forward with.”

The couple then asked that rather than commenting or spending energy worrying about them you take a moment to send love to your own family.