Jason Aldean Talks Family, Faster Horses And Producing Tyler Farr

Friday, February 7th

Jason Aldean is headlining Faster Horses this summer - as long as he survives touring across the frozen Midwest. He called up WYCD’s Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald from Iowa to talk family, Faster Horses and producing up-and-comer Tyler Farr.

“We’re going to North Dakota and all these places,” Aldean says, “and I’m like… I’ve got a sweatshirt… I’ve got a hoody.”

But the cold can’t keep a good man down. Aldean goes on to talk about how much he’s enjoyed producing Tyler Farr, an up-and-comer who swung by WYCD’s MusicTown studio back in January.

As busy as he gets on the road and coaching country’s new artists, Aldean’s family remains his highest priority. He loves experiencing his daughter Navy’s many firsts – including a first birthday and some very impressive first steps on dad’s tour bus.

“It’s only fitting that she would take her first steps on a tour bus,” Aldean says.

That tour bus will be coming to Brooklyn, Michigan for Faster Horses, July 17th – 19th, and Aldean couldn’t be more excited. “When the summer rolls around, and everybody’s ready to get outside and hit some of these festivals… it’s fun for us to get out there in that atmosphere.”

Finally, Chuck tries to get some behind-the-scenes info on what Aldean’s next single will be off his November release 9. Aldean expertly evades Chuck's question - and his infamous parting words: "I love you, Man."