Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald

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Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald in the morning

5 a.m.-10 a.m.

Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald play your country hits in the morning!

Get to know Chuck:

To quote Kip Moore, "Chuck says things that other people are thinking but wouldn't say themselves". That pretty much sum's up "The Chuckster" every morning with Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald. Chuck is in his 18th year driving home and waking up the Motor City. The first 16 years meant partnering with Hall Of Famer, the late great Linda Lee. The Edwards And Lee Show became the most listened to show in WYCD history, and Detroit radio period! "The first time I ever talked to Linda on the phone, I knew the there was there! When we met during the interview process, the meeting solidified the connection. The only condition of our relationship was that she could wear the pants during the week, and I would get visitation with the pants on the weekends!”

In 2011, Edwards And Lee were honored as CMA Major Market Air Personalities Of The Year. They received 5 ACM nominations, 3 Michigan Association Of Broadcaster Awards, and 2 nominations for the esteemed Marconi Award. Chuck sums up his love and friendship with Linda as "God was good to us for a lot of years, and I'm so grateful to have had so many wonderful memories with her. I still catch myself trying to call her cell phone when driving around in my truck. That's when it really hits home”.

Early morning hours these days doesn't stop Chuck from being a force in the community. Nearly 2 years ago, he and his wife became foster parents. They are emergency respite parents, and are adopting their foster daughter, whom is 15. Why did Chuck and Casey choose to adopt a teenager? "Teens are the least likely to be adopted in the foster system. In most cases they have been bounced around for months, or years. When they finally age out, they're left with no one. We wanted to go where the need is. It has been the most rewarding experience I've ever had".

Chuck always welcomes the opportunity to encourage others on the joy of fostering and adoption, so feel free to reach out to him anytime. Chuck has also spent a career at WYCD raising millions of dollars for the kids of St. Jude. Other local charities include The Michigan Humane Society, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and many others. Chuck has been the Public Address Announcer for the Detroit Lions. Chuck has raised 4 other grown daughters at The Brighton Compound and now reside in Dallas, Texas. Chuck and Casey are also pet parents to four rescue pups, and have 2 purebred German Shepherds, Hans and Elsa. Chuck is an avid golfer, and has been working hard on his distance. This summer, he plans on throwing his clubs 15 yards farther!

More about our own Steve Grunwald: 

If their was any doubt about Grunwald's comedic relief he brings to the show every morning, imagine superstar Dierks Bentley asking you to dawn flight assistant attire, including dress, wig, pantyhose and heels and walk out on stage during “drunk on a plane” in front of 40,000 people.  That would be Steve Grunwald!  Last year, and for the past thirteen years, Steve has pushed the envelope including the biggest country stars in hilarious scenarios.  It doesn't matter who, Steve is always joking or teasing someone.

He teamed with Brad Paisley in a quest to win a bet.  Grunwald was sent to the bottom of Mt Kilimanjaro in Kenya, Africa with the Masai tribe.  Brad bet him that he could not make it back to Detroit without using commercial transportation.  It even made International news. Brad Paisley even used some of the footage Steve shot in his music video “Southern Comfort Zone”.  

2017 was a life-changing year for Steve.  He is a person who relishes giving back to his community. Out of gratitude, and after completing his education in the field of law enforcement at School Craft College, Steve became a part time member of the Wolverine Lake Police Department. You might see him out on the water in the police boat this summer. 

As serious as this is, it has become great fodder with Chuck & Rachael. This has greatly improved police and community relations, according to the Chief Ellsworth by humanizing officers and their lives behind the scenes. Steve and the morning show raised more than $40,000 in November for Pigs for Wigs, a local charity that create wigs for children suffering from catastrophic illnesses. Steve’s personal pledges came from dozens of stars including Randy Houser, Dierks Bentley, and Little Big Town just to name a few.

Steve also has a been helping the Rainbow Connection in Metro Detroit over the last 15 years with their quest to help children with a terminal illness.  

Grunwald is also on MSU & Detroit Lions Drew Stantons High 5ive Foundation Board.  Steve loves to meet new people and travel the world in his spare time. Fishing, outdoors, great food and skiing are things that make him happy.  He currently lives in Wixom with his rescue dog Molly. 

Here's a little more about Rachel Hunter:

To say that Rachel is one of the most impactful females in Detroit Radio would be an understatement. She is one of the most impactful people, period! After spending years in a helicopter at the legendary WTIC in Hartford, a PD genius realized Rachel needed to be in the studio instead of a cockpit. The reason listeners identify with her is that she is real. In a mostly testosterone-dominated studio, her voice, excitement about country radio, and her ability to let the fans see into her soul have made her a unique commodity in Detroit for twenty years.  Her selfless nature has served her well as an ambassador for to many endeavors to mention, but one of her favorite organizations is the Miss Amazing pageant.  Rachael hosts the annual Tennessee Miss Amazing Pageant. She works tirelessly on this event with her daughter, who attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville and is the State Director for the Tennessee Miss Amazing Pageant.  Rachael also hosts Camp Casey’s annual Gold Rush Gala, raising money to bring horsey house calls to local children with cancer.  Rachael also hosts the annual St. Jude Walk/Run to end childhood cancer. Rachel’s personal and professional accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed.  She has received the coveted Gracie award, multiple MAB awards, ACM nominations and the honor of working for the Marconi Station of the year, WYCD.  Rachel’s work on the broadcast committee for St. Jude-Detroit netted the largest morning show total in WYCD history in 2017. Rachel and her husband Ja, who just celebrated 25  years of marriage, are loving cat parents to Otis, Buddy and little Buster, all rescues.